Every couple weeks or so there’s a new post about something questionable or concerning that Gloucester Township is planning on doing. Sometimes it’s building something new and other times it’s talk about taxes. Every time it happens there are a lot of people with different opinions and a lot of those opinions are that we need to vote them out. While that sounds great and I’m 100% onboard we have to figure out how we are going to do that.

At some point in the coming months will be presented with candidates from different political persuasions. The Republicans are going to put together a team or people they think will win and Democrats who don’t agree with the mayor will do the same. If the past represents what’s going to happen in the future the new Democrats will lose to the current Democrats in the Primaries and the Republicans won’t have enough numbers to beat the total Democrat vote. 2022 will look no different than the last ten years and we’ll all be back here again scratching our heads and wondering where we are going to move to next.

In a perfect world we’d put all of our political parties aside and work together to find the best 4 people to run. I can tell you that from talking to people over the last few months that isn’t going to happen. People who invest their money into those parties always think they have a better idea and a better candidate to represent them.

So what if we said we don’t need those people to help us?

That was pretty much the reason a few of us put together RestoreGT. We wanted what best represents us, not some political machine. On one hand, we answer to no one except ourselves. On the other hand, we have to rely on each other. The first part of this journey is finding the right people to represent us. If voting straight down your party line means more to you than your town I’m afraid we might not be able to help each other. If you are open minded to this suggestion, I’d love to know what you’d look for in your 2021 candidates. Does their profession, ethnicity, income level, sex, age or the part of GT they live in make a difference to you? Everyone is going to tell you that they are honest, responsible and will not murder you when the budgets are created so lets scratch those off the list.

After you answer, can you please share this so we get more answers?

1 thought on “Who will it take to break the cycle?

  1. Yes. Get them out and give someone else a chance. If politicians stay in office too long they ‘re more likely to lose site of who put them there. Sweeney became a millionaire since he’s been in office, cause he didnt go in as one. What does that tell you

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