If you watched last night’s council meeting all the way to the end, congratulations. You made it through of a lot of senseless rambling. The gift for your patience was Councilwoman Stubbs’ resignation during the closing remarks.

Here’s a clip of Council President Mercado reading her letter.

“I also regret being maligned by the falsehood of being the author or authorizing the letter regarding school board elections.” “I would never participate in any type of potentially polarizing activity.” It has been an honor serving my community and I expect my letter will be read by you in its entirety.”

Those were the words of Ms. Stubbs in her resignation letter to the Township Clerk Nancy Powers.

What polarizing activity?

If you aren’t aware, a letter went out to residents about the dangers of electing two parents who were running for school board. We discussed that in an article named Council members overstep on BOE election. It was a pretty disgusting letter with tones of racism and classism. One of the parents they attacked was elected and is now a respected member of our school board.

This is the letter that was sent. Stubbs&GraceLetter

Our take on the resignation letter.

Andrea Stubbs was used and discarded. Her letter basically says that. For whatever reason, up until her resignation she never defended herself against the letter. Time after time citizens of Gloucester Township called her out on the letter and then questioned her lack of attendance and all they got in return was silence. To be honest, all we’ve gotten from the supposed coauthor of the letter Councilwoman Carolyn Grace was a head nod when asked about her involvement in the letter. Was Grace even involved in this or just another sacrificial pawn?

What is happening to council members in GT?

Owens and Trotto were no longer GT residents before they resigned. At least one of them stated that was on purpose to avoid retaliation. Now we have one, if not two council members being used and defamed against their will to benefit the Democrat machine. Up until last night’s resignation letter, the last council member to speak out against this administration was Crystal Evans when she filed a lawsuit against the township for retaliation. I don’t think Ms. Stubbs will ever be able to tell the whole story. People tell me she’s a good person. It’s a shame she found herself in a position she had to hide from. I think she deservers to be heard. It’s also a shame so many of us had to chase this issue meeting after meeting, but without all of our questioning this would have been swept under the rug.

This township is changing and people aren’t falling for the things they used to. Our current and former council members should know they can speak up without worrying about retaliation. Restore GT would love to be a part of that conversation.

We are here to help.

If you know a current or former council member who’s been used by the GT Political Machine please have them reach out. We’d love to tell their side of the story.

Who’s going to replace Stubbs?

There is a process when a council members resigns. The Democrat Committee in Gloucester Township has 30 days to present 3 candidates to council. In the last resignation 3 members were sent to council. Helen Albright-Troxel, Sam Sweet and a third candidate were presented to council. Albright-Troxell won the vote and now sits on Council.

So Sam Sweet is definitely going to get this seat right? Ha! That’s not likely to happen. In fact, last night we saw a new face sitting in the audience. 2023 Council Candidate Tara Lynn Walters was in attendance. We’ve never seen Ms. Walters at a meeting before so we can only assume everyone knew about the resignation and thought the training had to begin. It was an eyeroll moment for sure, but if they want to throw fresh blood into this mess they created let them have at it. It’s a great way to taint their new face.


  1. Gloucester Township is corrupt to the core under Mayor Mayer. He and his political demons have destroyed innocent lives. Little do they suspect that all those who did these acts of evil will reap what they sowed. No good will come to all those who plotted, planned and participated in these wicked political schemes. Karma always come back. Steve Sweeney; Sandra Love and many more who have shit on innocent people. NO good will come to those who hurt good people!!!!

  2. It’s really pathetic that the system is controlled by George Norcross and his puppet politicians. I’m so glad women like Crystal Evans and Andrea Stubbs stood up to these bullies. Her lawsuit detailed all that is wrong with this broken down township and corrupt selected officials.

    Evans was spot on. She didn’t take no crap from that mayor and his corrupt crew. Kudos to you women who stood up for what is right. You will always go down as trailblazers. Kudos to you

  3. Carol Grace is a DisGrace. She’s a ghetto hood rat who came from Nothing. Norcross and Mayer prey on losers like Carol DisGrace and Camden low life’s Mercado.

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