GT Residents,

There is a school board election coming up. For years GT residents have asked for a meet and greet. Well this year some residents have taken it upon themselves to schedule a Zoom meet and greet for the candidates.

Suffice it to say, Mary Jo Dintino (current school board President) will not be attending the Zoom meet and greet. This also means that the her team will probably not come as well. How do I know this? Well she plain and simple lied!!The moderator of this zoom has posted the story on his Gloucester Township page. (See below) Basically he contacted her, in the morning, to extend an invitation. She asked him to call back. He tried and found out his number was blocked. He then called from a different number, she answered and then proceeded to say that he had the wrong number. A blatant boldface lie!! I am utterly appalled.

I would have understood her politely declining, but to come out with a lie? This is something a third grader who doesn’t want his parents to punish him for breaking a vase would do. This should not be the actions of a grown adult, let alone the President of the BOE.

So what does this say to you the GT resident? Well it tells me:1) that the current president of the BOE can’t be trusted.2) The current BOE president has no desire to have a meet and greet. So much for transparency. So much for being accountable to you, the residents.3) She has no respect for the residents of Gloucester Township, to tell such a boldface lie. 4) She thinks that there are no repercussions for this type of behavior; that there are no consequences. She obviously feels that the Mayor and his cronies will get enough people out to vote for her that a lie simply doesn’t matter.

This type of behavior cannot be condoned by you the residents of GT. If she is willing to lie about something like this, what else is she willing to lie about? What else has she previously lied about? This behavior coupled with the fact that her previous campaign from three years ago is still $26,000 in debt tells me and should tell you that Mary Jo Dintino doesn’t deserve your vote for school board.

Suffice it to say it makes me wonder who she and her team is Building Brighter Futures for? It is certainly not the children of Gloucester Township with such despicable behavior as she has shown.

Had enough GT?I know I have.

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