GT Observer Podcast – April 8th, 2024


March 25th Council Meeting Recap

Why do we keep doing ceremonies in front of council and residents that go to meetings with a purpose?

 Orlando reads his statement regarding the potential sale of the Sewer utility. 

Ray P sees a crowded room and asks if they can change the normal time limits to accommodate everyone.  

Ray makes a statement about his feelings towards the MUA

Deniss Palmer talks about how private entities charge for sewer.

  • They raised Haddonfield and Mt. Ephraim this year 40 and 50% 
  • Most of these companies bill for sewer based on water usage.   That would lead to an increase. 

Some guy Joe asks if there can be a subcommittee type group that could work together with the township to make these decisions. 

Anthony Calabrese, a township employee speaks on behalf of the workers and residents. 

Denise Coyne wants to know how we got from May 22nd to here. 

Ordinance 0-24-05 was amended to prohibit the storage of tailers in the township unless they are authorized for use. 

The zoning map updates were approved.  These were previously approved changes.   This is just the actual map update.

Consent Agenda was passed.

The resolution to put the Utility up for bid was passed unanimously. 

GT E-Gov

Sandra Barry Rogers emailed asking about the sale. 

Dawn Sabella asked what happened to change their minds.  

Christie Donati asks what the benefit to the residents will be in selling the utility.

Alissa Wick Asks about the surplus and who will pay for repairs going forward 

Denise Coyne emailed in to ask about her questions from the previous meeting regarding the failure to post the agenda.  Carlamere stated that it is not a requirement for the township to post the meeting on their website.

2nd Public Portion

David Brown would like the council to know they finally finished the playground at Mulberry Station and it’s great.  His son that wanted to play on it is now graduating high school and doesn’t use playgrounds anymore a however. 

Sam Sweet asks why MUA related E-Gov questions were not read before the Vote 

Closing Statements

Jim Nash gives his opinion on why they voted yes. 

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