At the April 8th Council meeting, the old topic of Uranium in our sewer systems came up. Many people reached out wondering what this was all about. It stems form the GEMS landfill being one of the top 5 most polluted sites in the country. You can watch that here:

Uranium in GEMS Landfill, Gloucester Township

It seems in this town that every time you turn a stone over, you find corruption or something shady. In this case, you find the town took $400K to pump water filled with Uranium through our sewer system. The GEMS Trust also paid Camden County MUA $1.7 Million dollars to obtain their permit for discharge.

How do you clean that up? How do you not know if it is cleaned up? If the MUA is sold, will the new owners be held to process it correctly, or will they cut corners and divert it elsewhere putting residents at further risk?

Below are some of the links to some old info. You can see for yourself some of the details and the names involved.

State VS GEMS (2003):

State VS GEMS (2005):

EPA Overview of the Cleanup:


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