GT Observer Podcast – April 16th, 2024


Scholarship awards – there were 50 recipients getting $1k each

Don’t know the rules? Tough luck new guy! Public

Hider lane flooding. Problem was 2 lakes over in valleybrook
How many medical marijuana. How many converted to recreational.
Were they aware honey grove owner in federal prison.
Will Police charge hookah bar for board of health.
Metal detector at school.
Gems landfill is illegal?
Ray has some thoughts, some digs in general.
Orlando says developer bears cost of the sewer for freeway.
Denise asks about what part of the process can council approve form A.
Master plan in 1999 said we were close to being built out. Schools almost at capacity Where are kids going to school with 3100 units approved?
Cardis eludes answering questions about the MUA
Brian Burns – Murray and Hays at county level. Denise uranium and gems landfill.
Carlamere says it expired and state took it over.

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