GT Observer Podcast – May 6th, 2024


Ray asks about borrowing and grants. Cardis mentions they needed to make a correction because of Chapter 159 regulations.…

Tara abstains from February agenda items even though it’s April.

A temporary budget has been put forth giving us a 3.56% tax increase. – 4.53 Cents Divided by 1.274 (Municipal Rate) = 3.56% Tax Increase – The May 29th meeting will approve the budget. Come get shot down in person!


Resident asks about redlight cameras. The pilot program is no longer in place.

David asks about the Sewer Utility’s responsibilities and wants to know what will fall on the homeowner if there is a sale. He also asks if any supervisory positions will remain in GT.

Jen O’Donnell Brings up the fact that the township over borrows by 33% and doesn’t use grant money to pay off short term borrowing. She also asks how selling the Sewer Utility will pay off debt. Cardis explains that it is difficult to pay back bonds until they mature.

D. Paris Questions:

– How many medical dispensaries are in GT? o 3
– How many medical dispensaries switched to recreational? o All 3 provide recreational and always have.
– How did HoneyGrove open with a convicted felon operating it?
It’s approved by the State Cannabis Regulatory Commission o Also, she has the owner confused with someone else.
– Why won’t the police stop Black Diamond Hookah Lounge from operating? o Because it’s not illegal o Because the police to not investigate health concerns. o GT Police did open a call with the Camden County Health Dept. GTPD Case #2024-17461.
– Why are there no metal detectors in schools? o This is a School board matter and not a council matter. – How much money are we receiving from cannabis revenue? o 2.2% tax o $38,960 was generated last year from cannabis sales in GT. (1 dispensary last year for a few months)
– GEMS solar panels are illegal?
o This use is permitted. Ray Polidoro asks about the Sewer Utility sale and inquires how much money did we use to go against this year’s budget.

Ray criticizes the use of Open Space money and Cardis blames the voters.

Sam asks if the sale of the Sewer Utility is voted down, can it be reintroduced again?

Sam asks if you can actually pay down bonds and Cardis goes back to his previous statement about paying down bonds.

Sam asks for the budget documents, but they aren’t ready. Sam also asks for the budget that was given to Council, but his request to see that is denied. Why should we not be able to see what are representatives are viewing?

Dani – Gems landfill – where is all the money – and it was contaminated, although they want to now pretend there was never anything wrong. I guess they think if they gaslight us, then it was never true, but people like Dani remember it well.

After the public portion when nobody can refute anything, Carlamere reads a statement that is done to refute the Uranium questions, yet answers questions about the timing of Trusts. Nothing to do with Uranium… Gaslighting again…. the word Uranium is IN the reports we have on GT Observer.

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