Community Meeting turn out – May 4th, 2024


On May 4th, 2024 a community meeting took place to help inform the residents of Gloucester Township of what the potential impact selling our water system would be to them. Three speakers spoke from different walks of life and experience in this process. This meeting being held did NOT make the *powers* that be very happy, and they made it known.

Dennis Palmer

The first speaker was Dennis Palmer, who has many years experience running public sewer systems. I unfortunately do not have all his credentials in front of me as I write this, but is we well qualified to speak. His slides can be downloaded below.

Kate Delany

Kate Delany is from Food and Water Watch. A non-profit who helps protect public water systems. Kate has been through this process in 3 other local towns and has had success is stopping the privatization. She went over some of the impacts it has. The reasons to stop it in addition to what we can start to do to organize an effort to inform residents.

Her slides from the presentation can be found below

Anthony Calabrese

Anthony is/was the Union shop steward for the former GTMUA. He spoke at this community meeting on some of the additional services the former MUA did at no cost to residents. Spoke about what they actually do on a daily basis and about the preventative measures they take.

Get involved and stay informed

To stay informed and to get involved in helping inform your neighbors, consider signing up by clicking below.

Even the Mayor’s Administration made an appearance

Just kidding. The Gloucester Township Political Machine showed up though, and attempted to discredit the efforts of this community meeting. They attempted, in the rain, to flyer the windows of cars attending. They are so predictable. It should go to show that THEY want this to go through, so residents being educated on the topic is going to spoil their plans.

Tough Poo-poo

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