GT Observer Podcast – May 20th, 2024


May 13th Council Recap Mike is in the big boy chair. Public Portion

• Denise Coyne asks about a resolution about building obstructions, and we have no idea what Carlamere is saying.

• D Coyne asked about the Preservation plan and the $10,000 allocated for what seems like the Farmer’s Market. Carlamere serves up some fresh word salad while his microphone remains in his shoe. Clerk says Regina will get back to her and Mike tells her that her time is up.

• Anita can’t hear them either.

• Anita is also asking about Paving Via Cascata Drive and is told by Tom Cardis who also has his microphone in this shoe that it will be done in 2025.

• Ira asks about the usage of a needed front-end loader we are going to buy and Tom has to get back to him. He also asks about lighting and we find out the artificial field at Valleybrook is going to be setup with lighting. Doesn’t he run public works?

• Ms. Smithman wants to know why Cardis is unprepared to answer questions about Agenda items. GT EGOV

• David Leader wants to why we are selling the MUA. Mike and everyone else wants to remind us the MUA no longer exists. (Because of them) Mike gives him a Word Salad answer that doesn’t include any substance or an actual reason why we want to sell the Sewer Utility.

• What services are provided by the Sewer Utility team and what will be provided after a sale. Public Porton • Dani is PISSED at the police.

• Ray wants to know why no one on council can answer questions about things they are voting on.

• Ray puts the council on the spot again and they cannot answer questions about the Sewer Utility and the generic speech they had planned to provide answers.

• Cardis responds to Ray by Gaslighting us into thinking that the Save The MUA movement is about shutting down transparency. He claims he only wants to know the value of the Sewer, not that he really wants to sell it.

• Ray asks for a guarantee that the sewer will not be sold if the people of GT vote NO on the sale. Cardis GUARANTEES it.

• Brian Burns asks if there is a vetting process for builders so we don’t use builders that could harm the community. There is no process.

• Denise challenges that they voted on the front end loader without knowing what it will be used for . Tom and James claim there was a budget meeting where the asked for the usage of everything on the capital budget. Kate Delaney Talks about saving the MUA

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