Nothing over the last few years has been more disgusting than machine politics taking over our Board of Education elections. If you weren’t aware of the latest personal attacks on two BOE candidates than you can catch up HERE. Those two candidates are not connected in any possible way other than being parents who attend meetings. The GT Political Machine which is run by the Gloucester Township Democratic Committee would like you to think that these two candidates are some Republican lead right wing coup. Those candidates however are both Democrat and Republican running solely independent.

They are good at this game because they created this game.

What’s the best way to win the game every time? Change the game! In 2009 when the machine took power they changed the elections to partisan to keep control forever. It’s a blue state so obviously posing a democrats rather than a power hungry pay to play machine was a much better way of winning. Since then, the machine has been untouchable.

They don’t even have to fight. We do it for them.

If someone runs a campaign against the machine partisan brainwashing kicks. That’s when we attack new candidates and try to associate them with things that will trigger emotions. We pin Republicans to Trump and Democrats to Biden even though neither has anything to do with our municipality. If a group of candidates decide they want to run Independently (Like we did last year) those candidates will get attacked by both sides. Democrats will say they Independents are Republicans in disguise and Republicans will attack them all the same. We fall for this crap all the time and it only strengthens the machine.

Stop helping them!

Stop falling for this B@# S#@$ and start working together. These folks in control are using the Democratic Party as their safety blanket. Some of them weren’t even Democrats until they won and realized it was a good strategy. Conservatives and Progressives rarely agree on anything, but they both have managed to see what’s going on here. We just need to come together as one group and wipe out the machine for good. There will be 1 opposition party next year and we all need to support them.

We have two things to do right now.

  1. You must get out and vote for the right BOE candidate this year. We gave you 4 people not politically connected and interviewed 3 of them. These 4 are just our personal picks. They have received no money from from any political organizations at all.
  2. In 9 days the election will be over and we will need to focus on 2023. Orlando Mercado, Andrea Stubbs, Helen Troxell and Mike Mignone are up for re-election next year. We must make a community effort to rid our township from the machine. So far there hasn’t been an overwhelming response from people wanting top step up and take on the machine. This is your chance to become part of the opposition or at least support the opposition. If you want to become part of the 2023 opposition campaign contact me at

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