Restore GT Podcast – October 28th, 2022


Helen Albright Troxell is selected to fill the unexpired term of Tracy Trotto.

October 24 Council Meeting Recap

Mike Mignone was granted the Council Vice President role.

Bank property on the Blackhorse Pike. It appears to have asbestos. Did we know about it ahead of time? They say we knew. Is it a liability?

Resolution 0-22-21 – The township must borrow $4,000,000 to cover the overages on their insurance policies being that we are self-insured. This is to cover the current overages and anticipated overages.

Abatements for everyone! How are they structured and how does full construction differ from new construction?

Abatement Terms

a. First Year is 0%
b. 2nd Year is 30
c. 3rd year is 50%
d. 4th year is 70%
e. 5th year is 90%
f. 6th year is full price.

Dena Hendry asks council about the letter sent to voters about her and Keith Gibbons.

Dan Hutchison gets frustrated by what he calls Political Talk in a legislative meeting.

Keith talks about getting attacked by Machine Democrats.

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