Here Comes The 2022 Budget. How Bad Will It Hurt? Find Out Tonight!


Tonight’s council meeting should be one will have the attention of many. The first notable thing on the agenda is the applications for 3 new cannabis retail spots. That was a big point of discussion for many residents in GT over the last few months. The most notable of the previous applications was the retail shop proposed next to the troubled Howard Johnson motel on the Blackhorse Pike.

The next and most important item on tonight’s agenda is the introduction to the 2022 Municipal Budget. In a few days\weeks when everyone is angry about another tax increase people will wonder, “Where does all my money go?” This is the meeting where you start to find out where all your money is going. Hopefully an increase won’t be necessary since GT was granted over 3 Million Dollars in COVID relief money. GT chose not to put that money toward capital budget items so we are hoping to see it used in this year’s municipal budget. Remember, next year is an election year so if they don’t raise taxes this year it puts way too much pressure on them to spend properly next year when their seats are vulnerable.

A line by line list be provided upon request and surely the great minds at will analyze this year’s numbers. As usual a “Citizen’s Budget” will likely be produced that comes closer to the actual end of year number than our administration is able to project.

Will you join us this evening at 7:30PM? If you have never attended a council meeting and need to know more check out this link. As always if you’d like to vent about tonight’s meeting, the Gloucester Township Republican Cub will be doing their after meeting debrief at Skeeters Pub directly following the meeting. I hope to see you there.

The April 25th agenda can be found HERE

The live stream of tonight’s meeting will be HERE

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