Gloucester Township Council Meeting – November 14, 2022


The meeting will be streamed here.

The agenda for this evening is posted HERE.

Join us tonight

Come out and join some of the Restore GT Team as well as members of our Republican Club tonight for the reading. Afterwards the Republican Club will be doing a debrief at Skeeters to discuss. We hope you will join us.

Gloucester Township Municipal Building 1261 Chews Landing Rd, Laurel Springs

1 thought on “Gloucester Township Council Meeting – November 14, 2022

  1. I have always talked about owners of property that rent, there is an issue, with this as most who own these properties DO NOT take care of their property, bringing the value of our homes that we maintain down in value, this should be in effect these owners should be responsable for their properties, I know there is a fine, but we must promote an enforce our policies to the fullest, it always looks like Brittany Woods, is left behind, is there a law in effect to cover us home owners

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