Morally Bankrupt Democratic Committee Never Stops To Look In The Mirror


In just about every situation people running for office almost never respond to negative mailers against them. I guess the thought is if you ignore it, it will go away. Well folks, this one is too good to ignore. Let’s break it down piece by piece.

Maybe together we can figure out what message Republicans in Gloucester Township aren’t getting.

This isn’t even a pot calling the kettle black situation.

They say I defended a council candidate who posted offense memes online. They messed that one up, because the guy they are referring to ran for MAYOR, not council.

Many years before my friend Sam ran for Mayor in Gloucester Township, he shared a few memes in a private Facebook group. The theme of the Facebook group was for adults to share off-color humor with each other. Within a few hours someone took screen shots of them and saved them for later. You see, Sam had spoke out many times against the township and they knew they had to collect dirt on him. A few years later when Sam ran for mayor they had their big moment and they created a website with every off-color meme Sam posted in this private group. They even printed the screenshots and sent them to his family.

If this was the attack they were going to wage on our campaign, it told me they had to dig very deep to make a controversy out of nothing. It’s the same humor you’ll get by watching most comedy specials on Netflix. Do people get offended by comedy specials? Yes they do, but in just about everything you can find something that offends you if you try hard enough.

Sam is a family man who when he’s not working long hours, spends most of his time coaching and attending sports in Gloucester Township. He also crams in a bit of time here and there to defend the taxpayers in Gloucester Township by speaking frequently at council meetings on our behalf. I think all of these qualities make him a pretty good character. Let’s not forget, at the time he was running against our mayor who’s had some issues with not being “Husband of the year.”

In 2023 Sam ran for County Commissioner against Democrat Lou Cappelli who back in 2008 faced charges for committing simple assault on his wife. Those charges were later dismissed, but our Democratic Committee friends once again thought memes were so much worse.

How about the top of their ticket?

Council President Orlando Mercado has been at the front of the GT Democratic Committee for many years now and he’s at the head of their current ticket. Does Mercado have skeletons? Did GT create a job for Mercado as a favor after Stockton parted ways with him? How do teachers in Gloucester Township feel about Mercado as their Human Resources Supervisor? Would they even say anything if it did bother them or are they too intimidated to speak up? There seems to be a lot of rumors floating around the schools in GT. There’s a lot more going on there than some off-color memes.

I don’t know about you, but…

I will be able to sleep at night defending a family man and youth coach over the disaster the GT Democratic Committee has been forcing on us.

Honesty is key here

Restore Gloucester Township is run by many people and I actually didn’t post this, but I AGREE WITH THIS 100%. We aren’t in this position because the Democrat Machine is rigging elections. They spend a ridiculous amount of money for their Board of Education, Council and Mayor candidates, but they aren’t cheating. They are in office because GLOUCESTER TOWNSHIP DOESN’T VOTE. In 2021, 20,000 people voted and 30,000 stayed home. Until we get out and exercise our right to pick our representatives the fault falls on those who chose to stay home on Election Day.

This one isn’t calling me out, but I’ll comment.

For what seems like an eternity, the administration and council in Gloucester Township has been hanging this carrot in front of us every election year. They’ve been saying for at least 15 years that they have revitalization plans for Downtown Blackwood. Every few years they spend tax payer dollars to draw up pretty pictures so they can sell you on that dream. Do you think they truly believe downtown Blackwood is amazing when they constantly tell us they are going to fix it?

Our Community and Country has endured it’s share if divisive politics.

The back of their flyer didn’t disappoint either. My campaign, Team Gloucester Township made a decision a while back to not send out divisive mailers. We felt like nasty politics weren’t a good look for anyone. We put the ball in their court to see if they would do the same and here they are letting us know who they really are once again.

Who paid for this flyer?

Technically through pay-to-play politics, you did. A lot of the big firms Gloucester Township uses send money to Gloucester Township Citizens for Government Reform and that PAC pays for ads like this. That PAC is managed by Cindy Carlamere, the wife of township solicitor David Carlamere. They were also guilty of the attack on school board candidates Dena Hendry and Keith Gibbons back in 2022 that had one of their council members resign.

Send them a message.

On November 7th you have the opportunity to clean up Gloucester Township and send the morally bankrupt Democrats packing. Vote for Joe Damico, Joe Allen, Ray Henry and Tim Pfeffer for Gloucester Township Council. While you are at it, make the right choice for school board and vote for Mary Ann Johnson, Dena Hendry and Ellen Reese for Gloucester Township Board of Education.

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