Restore GT Podcast – December 4th, 2023


November 27th Council Meeting Recap

Public Portion

Sam Sweet Asks about police grant money being added to the budget and what that money is used for.

Sam Sweet also asks about the playground money that the state gave back to the township. Does the money pay off the loans that were used to pay for the playgrounds or does it go to the budget?


Brandie Mendek asks if we can open the community center longer so that her family can use the gym.

Pete Hienbaugh asked about the dissolution of the MUA and wanted to know what money it will save us. Caris has no answers.

Ray Palidoro follows up on Pete’s questions and asks about the surplus the MUA held for repairs.

Sam Sweet feels like he’s not being represented in the way council responds to questioning.

Carolyn Grace responds to let Sam know she does a lot of work behind the scenes. Dan is going to keep his comments for the end when he’s safe that no one can respond.

Orlando proves Sam’s point.

Cardis shows his loyalty by kissing the ring at the polling of directors.

Chief Harkins would like to remind everyone about the Mayor’s Toy Drive Chief would also like to thank the Meadows Diner for providing Thanksgiving to law enforcement while they worked the holiday.

Dan RAGES at the crowd for not respecting council.

Carolyn Grace reminds us she’s better than us. Troxell rambled on in the end, but it wasn’t worth a clip. Walters spends a lot time feeding hungry people as well.

Orlando reminds us the voters said YES to Mercado

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