The nepotism web that has been spun in Gloucester Township began to be outlined in our first article. The series began with our Board of Education. Both of them. Black Horse Pike Regional and GT K-8. The question was asked; “How well do you know who’s running GT?” The deeper you dig, the more you will uncover. Today we are going to dive into The Mayor Mayer’s Administration as well as the famous Council.

As with former articles, you can click the chart to get a .pdf of the image to expand and click links. I will also call out certain links to note for your convenience.

Let’s start with Council

On the surface, it may not look like much. Peel back the layers of the onion though… and it’s a whole other story. This chart may look benign, but if you look at meeting minutes they reveal these people vote yes to almost 100% of items 100% of the time. These are elected position. Generally speaking, unless they are filling a vacancy.

We learned about the school board’s nepotism, so it is not surprising to see former positions in the school board on the Council’s chart. Carolyn Grace was selected from the BOE to fill a vacant seat on council. Dan Hutchison’s daughter was appointed to BOE in 2020. It was explained previously how these vacancies are filled. Just follow along. It’s all in the charts.

Again, you can see a small little thing like “Former Liaison to GT Housing Authority”. It is an interesting piece of this web. Do you recall the citizens of GT stopping a land deal in it’s tracks a few months back? That activity of transferring ownership is documented in public record involved Dan Hutchison while he was the liaison.

Council is a very powerful position in our local government. Ideally we have several boards in different departments for check’s and balances. I will be releasing more charts to include the Planning Board, Zoning Board and Housing Authority soon. You will see these have all become just “Checks” without balance. In order to have checks and balances, discussions need to happen. This is nothing new most residents have already heard about. It has also been vented about here on this site. There is no discussion, just a motion, a second and a Yes vote. No clarifying questions, just a yes vote.

Mayor Mayer’s Administration

Reminder, you can click the image for a .pdf you can expand and zoom in for easier viewing.

I think enough discussion has happened over the years about the Mayor. Because of that, there is no real need for commentary around that one and the chart is also streamlined down to fit on a single page.

The rest of the administration are appointed, not elected. That is an important difference to keep in mind.

Another very important piece of this administration keeping the residents in the dark rather than being transparent, is how they have taken key aspects of our local government and run it through a private company. The takes away our ability to request records, attend meetings and hold them accountable. They answer to nobody other than the administration. This way EVERYTHING they do is behind closed doors. However, they use public funds (your money) to pay for studies and other operational costs. Sounds above board, right?

Private Companies in GT Government

Recognize any of these names?

The Economic Development Corporation (EDC) is a privately held company with several members of this administration listed as “Officials”. (See above) David Carlamere has sworn on public record they are not members of the EDC. The township’s own website has them listed under the heading Economic Development Corporation. In this town they like to play semantics, so the word “Official” can be bent to mean whatever they want in the context it is being questioned. They have recently done this with the words “Stakeholder” and “Economic Development Opportunity”. It would not be surprising to get to the root of the word “Official” falling into this same game.

Try asking a question about the EDC at a meeting. You will find nobody can answer you because it is a private company. Other towns aren’t set up like this and it is not the norm. Why is ours set up without transparency?

This is not the only non-transparent privately held company in GT. I will expand on the LP that makes the Housing Authority non-transparent in a future article where I go over the nepotism charts for that board. That company’s name is Gloucester Senior Housing Campus, L.P. Like the EDC, it is very conveniently named to appear as if it were an official branch of the government. Not to mention structured so it can’t be found who actually owns it and profits.

Is it a Duck?

There is so much more I could say. However, it is speculation when you don’t have proof. That being said, I was always taught to understand that if is walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it isn’t a cat. Its a duck.

Before I leave you, one other link from the nepotism charts you may find interesting is an article from the Philadelphia Inquirer. Not only will you find the same name as our Tax Assessor, but other names you may recognize around town.

Stay tuned for more nepotism charts throughout Mayor Mayer’s Gloucester Township.

As always, thank you again for your support. Your donations keep this campaign going.

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