Get the shovels, we are going to do some digging!


Remember the Path To Affordable Housing program? The program was meant to rehabilitate some of the abandoned houses around GT and then help those in need with a path to owning those houses. It didn’t work when GT had abandoned houses and certainly isn’t going to work in a housing market where there are no houses available anywhere. For the last 2 years, we’ve paid people to maintain the program even though the program provided no housing for anyone in need.

A few of us thought we finally buried that program a few weeks ago. It turns out we are breaking out the shovels and digging that program back up again. Why you ask? We don’t know and no one was able to tell us why either. We guess that the money will wind up spent alternatively as we all witnessed before.

Don’t put those shovels away yet!

We still have to see if we can dig up any kind of indication that Councilwoman Stubbs is still around GT. She missed the March 14th and last night’s meetings due to illness. In all honesty, I truly hope Ms. Stubbs is doing well and recovers from whatever she’s been battling for over a year now. It’s not our business to pry into the woman’s personal life, so this is by no means an attack on her. I and many others simply feel that it’s important to stick to the structure that was agreed upon in our charter which has 7 active members and 1 mayor. Only attending 1/3 of all meetings in over a year is not good representation.

We all know if they replace her, it’s going to be with another YES man\woman from the school boards or anyone else loyal to the Democrat Committee. I mean, it’s not like we are going to get a true representative up there until 2024. I guess I’ll have to update my Stubbs\No Stubbs post from a few weeks back on a monthly basis now.

One last thing for that shovel…

We can finally bury that old Microsoft webcam from 1987 because it seems like we’ve made some upgrades!

Sadly the microphone system is still from the 60s and they are operated incorrectly, but at least now you can attempt to read lips now.

If you are still scratching your head about that COVID relief money…

So was Paul Krug when he asked once again about where the 6 Million dollars given to the township was going to be used. Councilman Hutchison says he was clear when he vaguely answered Paul last week with his hope and a prayer that it would go to stop another tax increase. If it does indeed stop a 2022 tax increase it would be the first in a long time that we did not increase taxes in a nonelection year.

Try the fried pickles Orlando

Last night Orlando made mention of our post council meeting Skeeters Debrief. I get the impression he may be feeling a little lonely these days so I wanted to invite him to our next debrief on April 11th. I’m sure he’ll like the fried pickles just as much as everyone else has. Credit to Ray Henry for that great recommendation by the way. If Mr. Mercado can’t wait until Skeeters he can always stop in Villari’s on April 7th and hang out with the Republican Club during their Monthly Social. There are no fried pickles there, but the short rib pizza rocks!

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