Evesham Township passes a budget with a tax decrease amid pandemic.


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Mayor Jaclyn Veasy and Evesham Township Council unanimously passed the township’s 2020 Municipal Budget last week, resulting in a $4.84 decrease in municipal taxes for residents with an average assessed home value of $271,600.

The 2020 budget totals $38.8 million in appropriations – an overall decrease of $768,000 from last year’s budget of $39.5 million.

Due to the COVID-19 public health emergency, township officials worked diligently to contend with an estimated $1.5 million in revenue losses in the 2020 budget when compared to the prior year.

The decrease in revenue stems from losses in areas such as construction fees, court fees, delinquent taxes, licensing fees, misc. fees and permits, loss of play at the municipally-owned Indian Spring Golf Course and more.

Simultaneously, officials also recognized that many of the township’s residents and businesses were facing their own financial hardships due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and those hardships would be compounded by any potential tax increase.

As such, township officials carefully identified opportunities to reduce spending while placing no additional municipal tax burden on residents. The result is a budget that actually reduces municipal taxes in order to help those in Evesham at a time when they need it most.

“As we confront a public health emergency and economic emergency unlike any other in recent memory, I’m proud that our council and professionals have produced a budget that reduces municipal taxes for our residents and businesses who need relief now more than ever,” Mayor Jaclyn Veasy said. “The more we can help support our residents and businesses, the more they can help support the township.”

“This budget is yet another example of Evesham Township taking proactive steps in the face of adversity,” Veasy said. “In these unprecedented times, this budget represents a cautious, responsible decision from all members of council.”

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