Tonight’s we find out how much our taxes are going to be increased. 2 weeks ago we were told it was going to be about 8.7%. The plan as far as our council wants us to believe is that they are going to review the budget and maybe make some changes. They have made changes in the past, but none of those changes have ever stopped an increase. If we are lucky they may find a percent or two to spare us. I’d like to say that since we are in uncertain economic times that they’d throw us a bone, but these are the same people who increased our taxes in 2020 when a good portion of our workforce was out of work because of a pandemic.

Lets be clear about why

Why did they increase your taxes during a pandemic and then again during rough economic times? The answer is TO PROTECT THEIR POSITIONS AS MAYOR AND COUNCIL.

It’s not an accident, coincidence or anything magical why our taxes only get increased on years we cannot remove them from office. They know you aren’t going to have that same anger the next year when they do a 0% increase a few months before they are up for re-election. They are playing you like a fiddle and your short term memory is costing us all money.

Focus the blame

The first place people put the blame is on the mayor and council. It’s a valid argument, but they only know what they are doing is wrong if they hear it from the residents. When I say “the residents” I don’t mean the same 5 people who speak at every meeting. I mean showing up in numbers that far exceed the township municipal building capacity. Fill the council room, fill the parking lot, fill the park, call the news. Do something! Don’t get what you want Monday? Call them on Tuesday, email them on Wednesday. Let them know every day until they are afraid to take advantage of you. You elected them so you have the power. If you keep electing them, you are telling them what they are doing is acceptable.

It’s kind of like bad kids… They don’t get any better when you spoil or ignore them. They need to be taught. Just like bad kids, the fault is usually on the parents. This is the fault of voters that ignore the issue.

If you see agree, I’ll see you tonight at 7:30.

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