As some of you may know, there are a few people in this group that have attended council meetings for years.   They are there no matter what the agenda brings to ask questions that have our best interests in mind.  While I’m not one of those hard core watchdogs, I’ve been attending recently to take it all in and learn the process.  One of the most insightful things about attending those meetings are the discussions that take place after the meetings.  It’s nothing more formal than just a few people on their way to their cars who stop and chat.  At times these little chats turn into 2 hour group discussions with new faces joining in each week.  As a podcast junkie I wish I could capture some of these discussions and replay them for you all, because I’ve learned a ton from them.  

The last few post meeting discussions have revolved around the strategy for 2021.  We know if we are going to beat the political machine that controls GT that we are going to need a tremendous amount of support.  A campaign to go toe to toe with the mayor’s machine is going to need signs, mailers, online campaigns and boots on the ground.  In just mailers and signs alone the costs almost reach $40,000.  We could probably do that if we sold out to a competing political machine, but that’s not what this group is about.  Before any mailers go out and signs are printed we need people to represent this township.  A few people have signed up and expressed their interest in running which is fantastic.   Unfortunately with COVID we haven’t been able to organize any group meetings to further those discussions.

My thought after having some of these discussions was that we needed a larger point of view.  I want the thoughts of those who haven’t been able to attend the meetings along with the knowledge of those who have been attending them for years.  For these reasons I’ve created a discussion forum on the website.  If you are registered and logged in you’ll be able to view and participate in the discussion.

Lets get the discussion started.

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