Our Platform

Our Wish List

My friends, we have been working for years to improve Gloucester Township. At times we win small victories and maybe our existence keeps people in check. It’s time we step up, stop complaining, and show you what we are all about. From the start of this movement, we have been pushing for a more responsible and more transparent Gloucester Township. To show you it’s not just all about general blanket statements we put together an Affordability Plan, a Transparency plan, and a Development plan. 


Affordability and Property Tax Reduction Plan

  • Scrutinize discretionary spending
  • Induce more competition in the bidding process for GT government contracts and projects
  • Narrow the use of Tax Abatements in GT
  • Improve the GT budgeting process
  • Achieve return on investment goals for large projects
  • Explore ideas for consolidation

Plan for Government Reform and Greater Transparency

  • Enact true ‘Pay-to-Play’ reform. Disclose potential conflicts of interest.
  • Allow greater accessibility for resident involvement
  • Appoint a GT Council liaison to work closely with our school districts
  • Conduct an internal ‘Operations/Efficiency Audit’
  • Require disclosure of the status of all lawsuits and legal actions against GT
  • Report ‘Key Performance Metrics’ for Township departments

Community and Economic Development Plan

  • Accountability of the GT “Master Plan” and of the Planning and Zoning Boards
  • Gloucester Township Economic Development Corporation
  • Target tax incentives to attract the most needed development
  • Better ‘customer focus’ from the GT Permit and Construction Offices
  • Make Downtown Blackwood a dining, shopping, craft destination