Gloucester Township Observer is a community of GT residents that are committed to bringing transparency to our local government.

This group was formed by the people of Gloucester Township who have voiced their displeasure online and at council meetings. We’ve watched too many residents get dismissed by their elected officials. Too many times have residents had to beg for tax relief only to watch spending increase. If you’ve sat through those meetings and felt powerless or overwhelmed, you are not alone.

For years citizens have said someone needs to do something about our misrepresentation and out-of-control tax increases and right now is the time.

Our members are comprised of Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, and Independents. Although our national political views may differ from one another our views on township spending and transparency are very much alike.

It’s time to Restore Gloucester Township back to a community that we can all afford and be proud of.

If there is something you’d like investigated please reach out. https://gtobserver.com/contact/