Who has more impact on our everyday lives? Is it Joe Biden, Is it Donald Trump? Is it Kamala Harris, is it Mitch McConnell? Or is it David Mayer? Dan Hutchison? Michelle Winters? Carolyn Grace? I think we all know the answer to that. But we don’t act like we do. David Mayer and his band of puppets have more of an influence over our everyday lives than any other politician on the national stage. David Mayer and his merry band of Mayercrats are the cause of our pain. They are the cause of our tax hikes. Those tax hikes that make us have to make tough financial decisions that affect us and our family lives.

And therein lies the problem. On the local level it doesn’t matter that the Mayercrats are Democrats, it wouldn’t matter if they were Republicans, it wouldn’t matter if they were aliens. All that matters is that you have good, competent people who will look out for the residents. It doesn’t matter Democrat, Republican, Red, Blue, Purple, Green, or Tea Party. Good, competent, honest people are what matters on the local level, plain and simple!!But the parties involved don’t want us to realize that. They want divisiveness, they want people to vote party. The sooner Gloucester Township resident realize this the better they will be, the better things will be for the Township. Don’t believe me? Let’s look at some facts!

Our team has gone to Council meetings and asked questions regarding excessive borrowing, land sales that never seem to happen, money being spent ridiculously. We have engaged with the current Council, only to be ridiculous and dismissed. In fact, our team even went the extra step to produce a budget, of its own, that was 80% more accurate that anything Council and this current administration produced. By the way, has anyone forgotten that this administration raised our municipal taxes 9.5% in a pandemic year? It’s not a secret that the Republican party wants the current regime out. We want them out as well, and many of you, the residents want them out. I approached the Republican party and begged and pleaded to work together. I proposed running a bi-partisan slate in the general election. I was told no; I was told that I lost too many times to be a factor. They said I am tainted. So, I even agreed not to run (since they didn’t want me) but I would help them and provide good honest and competent people. So what do they do? They tell me it wouldn’t work and then the Gloucester Township Republican Committee member Camille Whittick decides to attack me, but not for issues, but because she is afraid that I might decide to run for Mayor.

Coming in November 2021 there is an election in Gloucester Township. I have been screaming from the hills on how important this election is. I WILL SAY IT AGAIN. THIS ELECTION IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. The Mayor and 3 Council positions are up for election. As of now our choices are Democrats who have no regard for the residents of Gloucester Township, or Republicans who are totally silent and absent except come election time. It could even be debated that they are silent during election time. To me that sound like two terrible choices. With that being said, since it’s obvious that the Democrats are afraid of me and the Republicans don’t want me, I am announcing that I will be running for Mayor of Gloucester Township this election season!

More details on my team and how you can help, in the coming days!

Had enough Gloucester Township?

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