Preserving Democracy in Our Township: A Call to Action


Gloucester Township is currently facing a significant challenge to its democratic principles. For more
than two decades, a single political party has tightly held onto power, resulting in a noticeable lack of
involvement from our residents.

The democratic process hinges on the active engagement of the people it serves. Council members take
an oath to support the Constitution, with the expectation that a system of checks and balances will
prevent any abuse of power. The Constitution grants us essential rights such as freedom of the press,
freedom of speech, and the constitutional right to petition our government. It is our patriotic duty to
exercise our rights to hold our leaders accountable.

Traditionally, news organizations acted as safeguards against governmental overreach. However, local
media seems to have neglected this crucial role, possibly influenced by political advertising dollars.
Moreover, people increasingly distrust mainstream media due to concerns about the impact of political
advertising on their objectivity. The truth about how well our government is or isn’t working is not going
to drop into your lap. With less people watching, the truth is much harder to find and easier to hide.
Five key factors play pivotal roles in protecting democracy: a free press, freedom of speech, adherence
to constitutional principles, government officials’ commitment to these principles, and active citizen

Our township stands at a crossroads, where the decision to uphold democratic values lies in the hands
of its residents. The low attendance at council meetings and the suppression of political discourse
through council’s bullying tactics are symptoms of a more significant issue. In Gloucester Township,
party loyalty takes precedence over representation, transparency, and accountability. The power to
bring about change lies within our hands.

Elected officials are meant to be public servants, representing the interests of the community rather
than engaging in pay-to-play schemes with vendors or pursuing personal gains. Their duty is to prioritize
the well-being of the residents they serve, ensuring that decisions are made in the best interest of the
community rather than for individual benefit.

As citizens, we are granted these rights by the Constitution, giving us the power to hold our elected
officials accountable. We are an essential part of the checks and balances system our democracy
depends on. Help us preserve your rights, and hold our elected officials accountable – for the strength of
our democracy rests in your hands. Stand up, demand representation, ask questions, demand answers
and exercise your right to vote. A few people never won a war, but together we can bring about positive

1 thought on “Preserving Democracy in Our Township: A Call to Action

  1. I have to get out my pocket copy of the constitution but I believe we are allowed to ‘redress’ our government. I think this definition applies – “The right to petition government for redress of grievances is the right to make a complaint to, or seek the assistance of, one’s government, without fear of punishment or reprisals.” We should have an expectation that after reading a citizen’s email (via Citizen’s Access or egov_) or speaking at a meeting a reasonable response is provided by the elected officers of the township. Otherwise – we are not ‘redressing’ but merely speaking in public trying to be heard.

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