GT Observer Podcast – March 18th, 2024


March 11th Council Meeting Recap

Consent Agenda Passed


  1. Joe Allen Asks about purchasing additional recycling bins being that residents are being told you may only have 1 bin.  The response is that you can now purchase an additional bin for $10. 
  2. Sam Sweet also emailed in about the cans.
  3. Sam Sweet asks if we know what the 2023 surplus is and the answer is they do not have it yet. 
  4. Sam also asks if the 2024 budget is ready.   It is not.   We received an extension. 


Dena Hendy asks when ands where the council meeting agenda gets posted. 

Dena also asks that Council voids all decisions made at the last council meeting because the agenda for that meeting wasn’t posted.

From the NJ League Of Municipalities:

Q. What must be contained in the “adequate notice”?

A.  Along with the “time, date, (and) location” of the meeting, the agenda must be set  forth, and it must be indicated whether formal action may be taken.  In other words, the members of the public must have sufficient notice of the subject matter of  the meeting and whether any decisions will be made concerning that subject matter  to make an informed decision as to whether they will attend.  A recent case found that this requirement had not been met when the Township Committee published notice at the beginning of the year that “Township Committee Meetings” and “Township Committee 23 Conference Meetings” would be held on alternate Thursdays.  The notice did not inform the public that formal action could be taken at either type of meeting.

Carlamere responds by not really knowing all of the OPMA. 

Furthermore, an exception would be if the township posted the agenda with two news agencies, but they failed to perform their civic duties the liability would not be on the township.  In this case, Blue Wire Media is not performing a civic duty.  They are failing to do what they are being paid for. 

Dena later followed up asking Carlamere about their failure to post the agenda and the exchange between them will probably lead to more restrictions on the public. 

Mr. Nash asks if the Agenda was posted anywhere 48 hours before the meeting. Denise answers his question. 


Smithman asks about a workshop meeting that was canceled and where those are posted. 

Mercado ends the meeting with a reminder of how the public portion should go. 

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