Council President loses it on residents – How DARE you hold us accountable!


You know how ALL of this could have been avoided? IF THE AGENDA GETS POSTED LIKE IT LEGALLY SHOULD BE!!!!! Typical narcissist behavior. Blame someone else. Gaslight them and feel good about yourself. This is by no means the first time this municipal tyrant has made it crystal clear DURRING A PUBLIC MEETING that resident’s 1st Amendment rights piss him off! Watch Orlando Mercado of Gloucester Township NJ, mansplain his frustration to female residents. He has a very bad habit of treating women with disrespect at council meetings… but then watch as he attempts pretends to be a hero to the other public employees.

First you will witness his outrage. Then you can see what drove him to the boiling point.

If you happened to watch the original video we posted, that video now has commentary explaining Keith’s thought process throughout the visit, which tells the REAL story, not the made up story Council Tyrant spun.

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