Citizen’s Persistence Pays off in Blackwood


They say the squeaky wheel gets the oil. Just like the wheel, the unwavering persistence of Blackwood resident Paul Krug has moved this Administration to take action Downtown.

A redevelopment plan from 2004 has been sitting on the shelf with no action. The area is getting older every passing day. But one citizen’s stamina should be a lesson to all of us. Change can happen, you just need to try.

The Passion

Paul attends just about every single township council meeting. Each meeting, he comes prepared with questions related to making the Blackwood section of GT a better place to live. He and his wife moved here a few years back and he has noted on several occasions they are deciding whether to retire in their current home, or give up and move out. It is hard to think of anyone else as dedicated to the revitalization of Blackwood than Paul Krug.

There have been invites extended to council members to join him in walking the street. Getting a feel for what it could be. Countless questions asked of council surrounding the 17 year old plan. Paul pushed the Blackwood topic, mostly alone.


You know what Paul ended up getting by being persistent? Results. Paul got GT to pick the Blackwood West Redevelopment plan up off the shelf, dust it off and take action. Had it not been for his persistence, a 17 year old plan would still be dormant. Not being discussed.

At the June 14th council workshop meeting, a plan was proposed with renderings and zoning map changes to downtown Blackwood. Paul pleaded they speak on deliverables and time tables before they were rolled out.

Monday night’s presentation did not include a timeline for the start of the plan. However, there is no doubt that Paul will continue to push for results. Paul Krug was the squeaky wheel that got the oil.

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You can make a difference

No matter what you are passionate about, getting involved can and does make a difference. Paul Krug is proof of that. There are approximately 70,000 residents who call Gloucester Township home. A small group of them show up twice a month to support each other in asking for accountability and transparency from our elected officials. All of them have made a difference.

There are other people out there that care. Please, get involved. Take an hour or two out of your month. Attend a council meeting, a planning board meeting, or a school board meeting. Voice your opinion and be heard. Give Paul and the other “regulars” of these meetings a hand. Gloucester Township needs you.  

What changes do you want to make in Gloucester Township?

1 thought on “Citizen’s Persistence Pays off in Blackwood

  1. Really? Thanks Paul. I bought a house across from those apartments you want to retire in unbeknownst to me were planning to shove and squeeze 500 of their required 1000+ affordable housing units across the street. I paid my dues Paul worked 2 jobs while living in an apartment for 6 years to buy my own home only to be back amongst renters who in a society that has grown more entitled and less considerate will lower my property value. I dont care it hasnt been proven. any REALTOR will advise not to buy near rental properties. Not only that, thru the townships shady dealings, they think they are dumping all low income units there while other developers pay to opt out and they change the. Zoning every other month to suit themselves and definitely nimby for their friends & families . The point was not to create projects like the 70s but to pepper throughout the township so you give them a chance to be anonymous due to the stigma, that’s great for the 20% of decent people down on their luck. But that’s not the majority is it Paul? 500 x 2.1 new voters that have no stake in the neighborhood as renters who can vote on matters that the taxpayers will be picking up the tab. More stress on schools traffic what else Paul. We should all sign up for a unit because we won’t be able to afford to live here either Paul. Thanks again.

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